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Allison McCauley

  1. Allison was really young when she died and had so much planned out for her life. She gave spirit to everyone that was around her during her life. Having just finished her second complete year of marching band, she was very musical too and though she didn't show much of it, she love it. I just love her a lot and really do miss her, and I think she just needs to be recognized for her life while it lasted.
  2. i think that Allison should be included because she was a very good student and she did the best she could at armuchee. she was a good student. she loved armuchee and she loved to be around her friends. her friends and family will always remember Allison at armuchee.
  3. Allison was a wonderful person and my best friend. She always lived her life to the fullest and did everything she possibly could. She was a good Christan, a good student, a good person, and a wonderful friend. She was like a sunflower in a field of weeds. -- Ashley Minton
  4. hey i wanna vote for Allison b/c she was one of my good friends. she was like a sister to me. i miss her so much! thanks Jennifer
  5. I believe that Allison and one other was my only friend at Armuchee. She looked at me for who I was and for not what I looked like. She was always there for me when I needed someone and even though shes gone she is still here for me now. I love her very much and hope that she sleeps with the angels. love always-whitney
  6. I think that Allison should be here. i was her one and only personal runner and she taught me alot. She was a great person to me and i think that everyone knows that.
  7. allison really needs to be in the armuchee hall of fame...she was a big inspiration to our school, and we miss her very much!
  8. I would like to vote for Allison McCauley. She was a dear friend and is missed dearly!