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B.J. Pharr

  1. Because B.J. wasn't a part of Armuchee. He was Armuchee. He knew and loved everbody and everybody knew and loved him.
  2. I think the nomination is exactly right. BJ went to Armuchee from elementary through high school, and anyone who attended school during those years knew him. He was a brilliant student, a great athlete, and an all-around great person. He is missed by many. -- Tannika King
  3. I would be honored to see my son in the Armuchee Hall of Fame. Although he died under bizarre circumstances, he was a life long resident of Armuchee attending all area schools. He was loved by everyone, never had an enemy and thought well of by his teachers as many attended his funeral, including his high school principal, Jodie Puckett.

    While a class clown, he was very intelligent and serious about what he believed in, whether popular or not. He was an athlete, hand picked by Coach Welch to attend line camp as a freshman. He was a starting offensive lineman for 3 years even though his helmet merely reached the shoulders of his fellow players.
  4. BJ gets my vote… he made so many people in this world happy just with his presence. He is missed just as much today as the day he died. -- Will Seifert
  5. BJ Pharr should be at the top of this list. I think that all of his teachers would agree. ::)
  6. VOTE FOR BJ!!! =)

    BJ deserves the Hall of Fame without a doubt... He was such a great friend with so much enthusiasm, uniqueness, humor, courage, love, trust, graciousness... (On & on & on...) He is one of a kind~ And someone so special and dear to my heart... And that goes for anyone who knew him!!! I Love You BJ!!!
  7. My beloved grandson. A bright light in everyone's day.
  8. Agree with nominators comment.
  9. I want to vote B.J. Pharr! -- Juli Mccauley
  10. My friend
  11. BJ brought warmth into every life he so much as touched. And there a great many of those. His impact reached beyond the walls of his high school. People traveled from across this country, from Canada, to attend his service. The strength of his convictions and his unfailing spirit of graciousness set an example for everyone, and those are two very hard acts to follow. There were many times when I found myself sitting on his couch at the end of a long, trying day. There was never a single time that I went to him that he would not listen, and nine times out of ten, he knew a little something that could make it better for me. The deep love he held for his family- his mother and for Matthew- were paramount to all else, and it showed. He was a man who warranted your respect through his own genuine goodness.

    BJ deserves this for a multitude of reasons that it would be impossible for any of us to list in full. That, simply, is why he deserves it. His strengths, his dedication to his beliefs, and to his loved ones, have set a standard for all of us to try and mimic. -- MVM
  12. Great kid.
  13. My sunshine.
  14. I watched him play ball for the Indians. All gave some, some gave all. He gave all he had.
  15. Vote for BJ. -- Christina Godfrey
  16. I think B.J. deserves this award because he was able to touch so many people in the short time that he was here. I also believe that B.J. was brilliant and a great athelete. Ask anyone who B.J. Pharr is and I'm sure they have a story about a time they were hanging out.
  17. I vote for BJ!!!!
  18. I vote for BJ. His personality and constant kindness to all makes him an excellent candidate for this prestigious honor. -- Ryan
  19. i vote for bj!
  20. BJ's life has influenced life in western Canada... The BJ Fund, a scholarship/bursary, is awarded each year in Edmonton Alberta Canada to 'street kids' (many recovering from the affects of crystal meth) who are returning to school and accepting education as the way "HOME". This September, Matt Pharr and Tannika King attended IHUMAN YOUTH SOCIETY in Edmonton -- presenting scholarships to two Edmonton inner city youth ON A NATIONALLY TELEVISED PROGRAM.

    BJ'S picture hangs high and proudly on the lobby wall of the IHUMAN YOUTH CENTRE, his memory and principles a direction for youth. This man truly belongs in your hall of fame.
  21. i vote for bj pharr. he deserves it.
  22. Voting for B.J.
  23. B.J. was an inspiration to all those around him. I feel lucky to have called him a friend.
  24. A vote for BJ is a vote for a honourable young man. Truly deserving of this tribute...as young as he died his influence has impacted so many. Raise your banner high by this awarding. -- rking Canada
  25. I am on the Board of Directors at ihuman Youth Society in Edmonton, Alberta,Canada. I did not know BJ personally, but have heard much about him – and what a great man he was. He is an inspiration for the troubled youth and his memory and principles help to guide them. My vote is for BJ. Cynthia Poplett, Canada.
  26. I vote for B. J. Pharr -- Wallis Kendal, ihuman Youth Society
  27. Just wanted to add my support for B.J. Pharr. -- Bonnie Kurien, Counselor
  28. Please cast a vote for BJ… thanks. - MM
  29. Bj was a very good friend of mine. Hey was a very kind person whom always thought about others before himself. I can think of nobody who deserves to be in the hall of fame more, bj had more love for Armuchee than any two People that I know. I know that it would have mint a great deal to him to go down in Armuchee history forever. -- Scott Colding
  30. it has been a year of memories and sadness... a happy note would be seeing bj on the wall... vote today it will make you feel good!
  31. did not know bj but his name is on the walls in edmonton canada...ihuman centre home of the bj scholarship fund and the telus space centre... registered home of bj's star in the constellation... thanks bj from canada -- mnirgo edm
  32. Please vote for B.J. to be placed on the wall of honour at his high school. B.J. was a friend/beau of my cousin Tannika. He was the kind of person we all should strive to be. He has touched the hearts and souls people in life as well as from beyond. B.J. truly deserves to be in a place of honor. -- Pamela Izard, Lenard Mollison, Michael Izard and Aurianna Mollison
  33. B.J. was a great person and friend and deserves this award. -AB