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William "Chip" Limbrick

  1. Thanks. Mike Addington
  2. He made learning fun. Don't believe me? (Everybody now) "You can go ask my wife!"
  3. he made me eat weird stuff and hold snakes and bugs. thanks.
  4. Mr. Limbrick really cared about us.
  5. I remember one time Mr. L. snuck up on Tim Helton while he was throwing firecrackers, unseen, at the cheerleaders. Tim was so shocked that he held a lit firecracker until it exploded in his hand! Tim screamed in pain, Mr. L. roared in laughter, then went on his way. The only other mention he made of it, I assume, was that squinty-eyed laugh the next few days Tim came to class.
  6. Best teacher I ever had. Always kept your interest which is hard to acomplish with teenagers.
  7. I memba
  8. Yes, I made Mr. Limbrick "Ride the Buggy" . . . Thanks Mr. Limbrick for your lessons on life. Yancy Helton '77
  9. Mr. Limbrick helped me learn to study & discover my love for biology which inspired me to pursue the nursing field as an adult non-traditional student. Kay Cordle Dixon Class of 1970
  10. I vote for Mr Chip Limbrick
  11. Pick a peer!!! Keeley
  12. There were a number of good teachers at Armuchee, but Chip was the best. You were my inspiration! John Cosper, Ph.D. - Armuchee class of '82
  13. chip limbrick he's my man great teacher tammy andrews mahoney
  14. Good luck Chip. Jeff
  15. Mr. Limbrick did his practice teaching during my 11th grade year under ??? teacher? I don't even remember. I took a quick interest in science and this first year teacher was the ONLY reason I took Chemistry. I finished with a C but learned more, worked harder and was more proud of that C than any other grade! I wanted to please him and learn everything I could from this radical, long haired, great dad & husband. I STILL hate flies because of Mr. Limbrick always said "Their nasty, nasty, nasty" as he lowered his head to shake it. Can't you just hear him? Beckie Hawkins Lee
  16. Mr. Limbrick brought a dose of reality to us as growing teens. He was very interactive with us as a teacher and friend and as he would say, a vote for him would be “some kinda good”. Matt Fowler c/o1994
  17. I always liked winning a coke or a candy bar from him by guessing which frame of the film he had picked after we finished watching it. Ya memba? Lori Lynch Cooper
  18. great teacher and beloved educator. taught the real meaning of biology and taught it with great passion. always got his point across.
  19. Definitely deserves to be in the hall of fame. He taught my parents and me. How many people can say that they taught two generations! Pick a frame!
  20. vote for Mr. Limbrick
  21. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Stiftung Rheinisch-Westfälisches Wirtschaftsarchiv Im Auftrag. Dr. Christian Hillen
  22. What a legacy he gave us all!
  23. Mr. Limbrick made learning fun. Who can forget the yearly "firemaking" contest. Great man. Great Educator. -- Sanford Barton, Denver, CO
  24. Mr. Limbrick was one of the best teachers I ever had...college years included. He made science fun and memorable. I'll never forget the time he singed his eyebrows in class doing his 'flower factory' experiment.