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Charlie Weatherford

  1. an icon! armuchees winningest coach!
  2. As a pole vaulter for Coach Weatherford, I had a mental block about clearing ten feet. After watching me fail repeatedly at practice, he came and took the pole away from me and cleared it himself. He said "Shoot, if I can do it...", then walked away. I cleared it on my next attempt. -- Len
  3. At the Gordon Lee Invitational, Charlie caught me and a friend drinking beer on the team bus after our events were over. He took the beer and poured it out in front of us, but never said a word to us or anyone else. Cool.
  4. If I have heard the fishing story about how ol' charlie dog lost his eye I;ve heard it a thousand times. i still dont' know if he has a glass eye it is a fishing story of his.
  5. Wished we'd video taped our trip to Washington D.C. in '75
  6. here is the one that needs to win
  7. Here is a vote for Coach Weatherford. To this day he can still tell you your best time, height or distance on any event and which meet it occurred at. And then there are the "trips" to the State Track meet in Jefferson Ga. Whether it was G. Smith, S. Everett, D. Mason, S. Pierce and myself diving off of the wall at the motel pool or taking in a movie in Athens, he treated us like we were his own. He kept us on a leash but not "too" tight. Who can forget Coach's history classes. I don't think he ever used a book to teach and I learned "a lot" about history, hunting, fishing, raising quail and sports, not to mention his childhood experiences with his friend Artemes, in his class. Thanks Charlie.