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Derek Rudd

  1. one vote for Derek Rudd
  2. In high school, Derek inspired people like me to look beyond the confines of clique thinking.
  3. To this day, I am glad that I was in the same car with Derek and my brother riding home from seeing "Deer Hunter". It was a powerful movie that affected most of the 10 or so in our group that night. Let's see if I can remember: Me, Slicker Jr., Derek, Doodie, McGhee, Smiff, Kyle, Alan, Greg and T. On the way home, I got to disect the symbolism with people of great insight. At Georgia Tech, Derek took me to my first "big city" bar where we watched "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" on big screen. So Derek helped me meet two requirements of my Armuchee education: DeNiro and Nicholson 101.
  4. i vote for derek rudd