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Edward Corbin (Large Ed)

  1. edward lee corbin
  2. Because Ed always cared about others and believed in helping.
  3. LARGE ed is tha bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Having known “Big Ed” for over 14 years, I can attest to the man’s talents as an actor – he can mimic a cow perfectly. Because of Ed’s impersonation abilities alone, he should be considered above all others for selection to the Hall of Fame. As an aside – he does have a heart of pure gold & a sense of humor about life that trumps Oscar Wilde. Cheers for Ed.
  5. I met Ed at UGA in 1986. We had computer class together and there was a group of us that helped each other through the class since the T.A. didn’t speak English very well. Getting to know him was great. He was so kind and humble. If anyone commented about how nice looking he was, he scoffed. The last time I saw him was in 1987 when I stopped in for a surprise visit in Athens. He was genuinely glad to see me. I the last 21 years I have gotten married and had two children. My husband and kids know about Ed. As a matter of fact I think my husband and Ed would have been great friends if they had ever met. My family and I keep up with Ed on imdb.com and have viewed him in most of the movies he has been in. We love his part in “Blue Sky”. I want to cast a vote for Ed because he was and I imagine still is such a nice person. He made an impression on me because he was such a gentleman in all aspects of the word. -- Michelle Norton Jones
  6. When I was updating the site and read Ms. Jones' entry, I had to comment on the outstanding tribute to, and description of, Large Ed that you see above. I am proud to call Ed a friend as well. I've made it a point to watch all his movies too and I can say without a doubt that I enjoyed his role in "Chrystal" the most. When Billy Bob Thornton shoots him (I won't spoil it for anyone), his reaction is absolutely hilarious! -- Len