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Garvin Edwards

  1. G is the man.
  2. I take stats for the AHS wrestling team. Garvin Edwards is so sweet. For the 13 yrs that he has been at this school he has done so much. He has overcome so much especially this year. Coach Edwards is like my second father. He is kind and a loving person for everyone in the community. For this Garvin Edwards deserves more than just my vote but others also.
  3. great coach
  4. i believe coach edwards deserves this honor b/c he is a perfect example of what armuchee really is
  5. This person has coached at Armuchee for 13 years. He has had numerous state championships in Wrestling and many, many state-runner ups and area champions. He also coaches football. He cares more about his players and students than any other person i have ever met. I can't describe in words how great he is.
  6. I am placing a vote for coach Edwards. In my experience at Armuchee, Coach Edwards was a very dedicated and driven coach who demanded the respect of his wrestlers as well as his football players. He taught us about life and how to depend upon ourselves and to push ourselves to the limit. Coach Edwards played a major role in the developing and channeling of my responsibility, dedication, drive, ambition, and life goals. I really feel priviledged to have been a wrestler and a football player under his direction. Thank you Garvin Edwards for all the effort you made in developing us into what we needed to be to succeed in life.
    Bill Davidson
  7. I wanna vote for Coach Edwards, yo!
  8. I give Garvin 1 vote for his part in the team of the decade
  9. i vote 4 coach edwards cuz he is so cool
  10. I vote for Garvin Edwards because he is dedicated to this community.
  11. Garvin treats the kids of Armuchee like they are his own. My children go to Armuchee and love and respect Garvin. Not only is he a great coach, but he also teaches them life lessons as well. I can think of noone else that deserves this as much as he does.