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Gerald Smith

  1. The luckiest f***er I've ever known in my life.
  2. We used to play basketball nearly every summer night at Gerald's Uncle Bob's. When Aunt Lois would call a halt to our playing, Gerald would carry my basketball to the porch with him. Now, this was roughly equivalent to a half-court shot. He would launch a high-arching one-hander and it would strip the net every time. I know this is hard to believe, but it gets better and there were three witnesses. On the last night we played before school started back, his shot hit the rim, rolled around once and fell in. It was the first time all summer that he hadn't stripped the net with his shot. My brother caught the ball and Gerald said "Aw, give me that!". My brother threw him the ball and in one smooth motion Gerald caught it and launched it skyward. The ball barely made a whisper as it ripped through the net. Aunt Lois came back out to see what all the commotion was about. We tried to explain how a summer's worth of miracles had been capsulized into one shot. She said to Gerald: "So what, you do it all the time." We all slept well that night with the knowledge that Armuchee's basketball team was in good hands in the year ahead.
  3. the only thing gerald couldn't do is play cards, however i did see him randomly pull all 4 aces out of a deck of cards without a set up. rls