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Harold A. (Bull) Lindsey

  1. In 1946, on the first Sunday in September, Mr. Harold Lindsey was introduced to me and about 15 other Armuchee High School boys. We had met to play football in the pasture owned by Mr. Scoggins, where we played a lot of baseball during the summer months. Mr. Lindsey had met a lot of us at the New Armuchee Baptist Church that morning and someone had invited him to come over to Scoggins' pasture for the scrimmage. We wished very soon that we hadn't asked him to come -- because he was one of the roughest guys we had met -- but we very soon knew that we were going to love him. Everyone I knew grew to love him. We played sports with him, went hunting and fishing with him, he would sometimes come over to our house and fish trot lines in the river 100 yards behind our barn. He had been in the Army when World War II began in 1941. When his enlistment ran out he joined the U.S. Marine Corps and did well there. He was great at teaching us in school, but his teachings went beyond that. He taught us (boys in particular) how to get along with other guys, how to respect older persons and to treat girls with proper respect. He trusted most of us guys, but he never let any of us pull the wool over his eyes. My wife and I both had direct dealing with him and we never doubted that he loved us and he expected us to treat everyone fairly. He was a man who helped shape the lives of many boys and girls. After we were out of school, we still loved and respected him. After being first a teacher then the Principal of Armuchee, he became County School Superintendant and performed well at each level. He made a lot of difference in the people that he had contact with. He was one of the most influential persons I ever knew and I am thankful that I knew him. -- Clifford Burns