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Isaac Dawkins

  1. Isaac "Rudy" Dawkins lived and loved Armuchee High School more than anyone I have ever known. He was a wonderful friend, christian and athlete. He was an active member at The Church at Northside where he loved and was loved by everyone. Wherever Rudy was, he was wearing a smile. He could always help me see the bright side of the worst situation. I, along with all his other many friends and family, miss him dearly. I think Rudy is the perfect nominee for the Armuchee Hall of Fame. (So much that I am naming my first born son due in December after him!)
  2. I vote for Isaac for the Armuchee Hall of Fame
  3. I knew Isaac personally and he was one of the best friends a person could ask for. He would do anything he could for you without wanting anything in return. He was a great friend and person.
  4. Isaac was a very positive role model for many Armuchee students. As a member of the football team, he did not see the most playing time but he kept the teams spirits up. He prayfully supported many of the Armuchee students and was a very good influence on my son, Kendall Dixon. Isaac is still missed greatly. Kay Dixon
  5. isaac is still loved!!
  6. isaac's influence has left a lasting impression. love, sarah
  7. Isaac has left an everlasting impression.
  8. I never got the chance to know Isaac, but I've heard about all the wonderful things he's done! His legacy is sure to live on, and he will always be an influence in my life, as well as everyone elses. My vote is for him.
  9. Isaac, we miss you buddy.