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Jon Brown

  1. Jon was a graduate of 85'. While there, he played football through high school and held the "Most Receptions in a Career" title until it was broken several years after that. -- Kim
  2. In a small way, I probably contributed to the above metioned record. I used to live across the highway from Jon, and probably threw him 10,000 passes. -- Len
  3. I want to cast my vote for Jon Brown in the Armuchee hall of fame---not for his accomplishments but because he tells me to vote for him everytime i see him!! Come on people--lets move Jon up the list!!!!!
  4. I vote for Jon. He is so cool.
  5. I have to vote for Jon. I lived in the house with him and probably threw more passes than Len did. We have fussed and fought throughout the years, but he is still the best brother anyone can have. I even had to remove a 300 hundred pound russian guy off his foot before. I wouldn't have done that for just anyone. He will always be my little brother, and if I could vote 10 times a day, it would be for him. Love you, Cis
  6. I vote for jon because he is a cool uncle
  7. I vote for Jon Because if i was asked to have a better dad i couldn't choose 1. I love U dad - Dalton