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Jewell Eury

  1. Jewell Eury has dedicated years of service to Armuchee school & community. She has volunteered countless hours of her on time to sporting events, and other community events. Back in the early 80's she was one of the people responsible for having the new school built. She has dedicated herself to working at the school, and going above and beyond the call of duty.
  2. Ms. Eury is the "go to" person at Armuchee School. If you really want something handled, go to her.
  3. Jewell Eury is the epitome of Armuchee spirit. I worked with Jewell for nine years, and I cannot think of another single individual who contributed as much as she did during her tenure. She had her hand in every event, every function- athletic events, senior picnic, class ring ordering and distribution, Tribe Fest, etc.; the list goes on-and-on. I never once heard her complain. If Armuchee is a family, Jewell is definitely its matriarch (“a woman holding the position of patriarch, or head of the family, in her family or tribe”). – Ashleigh Huggins, faculty (1996-2005)