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Joyce Henderson

  1. Coach Henderson has been a coach at armuchee high for as long as i can remember. she retired last year and we all miss her very much!
  2. Mrs. Henderson was my p.e. teacher from 3rd to 8th grade in the 80's. I hope my children have the same kind of dedicated teacher as I did. Shane Brock
  3. Joyce Henderson is and will always be a part of Armuchee's state of mind. She always has something funny to say, and you will always recognize her laugh.
  4. Stern, but with a heart of gold. I think she truly cared about all of us kids that came thru her P.E. classes. She didn't play favorites with her or any other teacher's kids. You just don't see that anymore.
  5. I think that "Coach Hen" should be nominated because I not only had her as a P.E. teacher, she was also my track coach! Every kid should be lucky enough to have such an influence in their life like she was in mine!
  6. She was the best in Gym... We had a lot of fun -- D. Mcknight