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Louise Shellnutt

  1. i would like to vote for Louise Shelnut.
  2. taught most of armuchee how to cook
  3. Mrs. Shellnut was a strict teacher with a heart of gold.
  4. Great teacher; great cook! Oh, and uh-- sorry I sprayed you with the sink hose, forgive me?
  5. Ms. Shelnutt was an excellent Home Economics teacher. She had a great influence on many Armuchee homes. She taught many of us how to cook, sew, shop, and even maintain a marriage. I have been married 31 years and can give Ms. Shelnutt part of the credit. My husband & I both were in Ms. Shelnutt's "Family Living Class". Kay Dixon
  6. I vote for the lady I had 5 yrs. in school and made such a difference in my entire life. Beckie Hawkins Lee
    (if Mrs. Shelnutt cooked any better, you might still be in high school, huh? :-) Len)
  7. I vote for Louise Shelnutt. Not only is she a personal friend, but I have worked with her and I know she has been a very dedicated educator. She has been very active in the community and her church and family. She loves Armuchee and keeps in touch with former students.
  8. Mrs. Shelnutt's legacy for me is that I never wanted to disappoint her. "Memba" had that quality, and he had others, but was not graced with Louise's decidedly female advantages. She seemed to really understand people from all walks of life. She always did so much more than most in the little things that mattered to us then. Something as simple as complimenting one's dress, or as complex as guiding a rowdy kid (e.g., me) back into her lesson plan without disruption, all the while with an inner smile that her eyes could never hide. She loves Armuchee, and I'm pretty sure she loved every one of us. Thanks, Mrs. Shelnutt, for your dedication, for your shoulder and for introducing me to quiche. -- Len
  9. I am very pleased to see Ms. Shelnutt in the Armuchee hall of fame; a wonderful teacher and very kind person, as was Mr. Shelnutt. Gloria Willingham