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Mitch (Dr. P) Ables

  1. Mitch was a very smart man, a good dad, a good husband and a wonderful son -in-law. We still miss him very much.
  2. To know him was to love him!!!
  3. Dr P. was the greatest.
  4. Mitch ables was my uncle!!! He was a great man & everyone loved him & i think he should be at the very top of the hall of fame list!!!! I love him 7 miss him VERY MUCH!!!! love always nikki
  5. Hi my name is Pam Fisher. I am the daughter of Donald (Bozo) Fisher and Debbie (Tidwell) Fisher. My uncle is Mitch Ables. This man was not only good to the community but to his family. Mitch took us (the kids) where ever we wanted to go. Mitch was dedicated to Armuchee High School. Mitch was at all of my football games when I cheered he was at all of the basket ball games also. When I took Stats for the wrestling team he was there. Even after my uncles stroke he was dedicated. He went to all of the games no matter where they were. For this Mitch Ables should have more than just my vote but many others also.
  6. athlete,friend, excellent brother,great uncle, loved by all, missed every day now he can do all that he missed out on while on earth
  7. I knew Mitch all of my life. His death affected me in a way I can't explain. Even now I think of him often. All of our years through school he remained the same and was one of those people who didn't care how popular he was or how popular you weren't. I remember his blonde hair and sweet smile that melted my heart for over 30 years. His name is Mitch Ables, he was my friend and I consider myself to be lucky and blessed to have known him. Mary
  8. I am not voting. Mitch was and will always be my best friend. I miss him, love him and think of him every day the sun comes up. Mary said it best. -- Vann