Welcom to Armuchee.com!

Mike Miller

  1. should' ve stayed!
  2. Thanks to you I did not marry Sally Squatlow, don't hang around with Nort Magurski, and have never lost to Pennville Elementary or Cresswell Convalesence Center!
  3. Appreciate you sticking up for Pee Wee Kirby in that backward town.
  4. Coach Miller started the Armuchee baseball team back in 1981. Even though it was our first year, we were pretty good - we finished above .500. Lard was awesome on the mound ("Lard and 3 days of rain"). Freddy, at short, could pick-um with the best. Hans played a decent 3rd and could fill in behind the plate. Gables could play anywhere, as could The Centaur. We sure did have fun and I'll NEVER forget Coach Miller making Hans run beside the bus on the way home from a game in Villa Rica!