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Not to be confused with the Muslim or Islamic religions, this section honors Graden "Shady Grady" Mullis, career educator and administrator. For several years, including mine, he was the principal of Armuchee High School.

For all the things he did right, he did one thing incredibly wrong... the Morning Announcements! Yogi Berra had nothing on Mr. Mullis. I would sit in home room with pen in hand, ready to record for posterity the inevitable verbal blunders, or "Mullisisms". Here are a few I discovered looking thru an old high school notebook:

  • "The band will be selling nestle candy bars..."
  • "Students are being asked NOT to drive their cars to the game, but to drive the buses instead."
  • "Anyone interested in learning more should see Coach Moore."
  • "Anyone with information about the shaving creme should come to the office now. Your identity will be protected."
  • "The Farmer Business Leaders of America will meet in..."
  • "The Drama club performed 'Death of a Selman'..."
  • "The Boosters' club needs more athletic supporters in the upcoming year."
  • "Be on your best behavior on the buses on time."
  • "The second-place blue ribbon was awarded to..."
  • "Anyone carrying a pocket knife should hand it over to their home room teacher right now. You will only be punished if you turn it in later."
  • "Armuchee will have a float in this year's Christmas Parade. If your family has a tractor and would like to pull the Homecoming Queen in the parade,..."
  • "We need to show more respect to the Lunch Ladies. Some of them work very hard."
  • "Drivers Ed students should meet Saturday morning at 9 o'clock in the parking lot at the Rec."
  • "The cross country team will be running to Coosa to play the Eagles..."
  • "Before we leave here today, we will know who did this if its the last thing we do."

    And these last two, thanks to my brother, Rick:
  • "...in the very near distant future..."
  • "...in the GYMNATORIUM."