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Ray Dougherty (Mr. D)

  1. i believe mr. d should get this honor because he has been such a help to the comunity in his resturant and he always greets you with a smile.
  2. How many people can say they've ran a successful business for over 25 years?
  3. One of the nicest men you'll meet. Always smiling and friendly. Thanks, Ray, for supporting the Indians.
  4. The "Howyadoin'" always makes me smile whether I feel up to it or not.
  5. i wanna vote for "BIG D" (ray dougherty) because he is THE BEST!!!!!
  6. a great supporter and man
  7. Mr. Dougherty is the heart of Arumchee
  8. I would like a D Burger with cheese, hold the onion and toma.....ooops, sorry, thought I could place an Internet order here!!
  9. a very good boss man
  10. Mr. D. is a great man who gives to the community. He will help you out when you need it the most.
  11. WAY TO GO MR D!!!!!
  12. a great boss
  13. I often reflect on the good times at Mr. D's . . . Yancy Helton '77
  14. we vote for ray. he has been a long standing businessman in our community supporting our schools and our churches.
  15. Walking into Mr. D's, you always get greeted by 'Hey, howyadoin'?" That makes me feel so welcome. My husband is from Coosa, but Mr. D's made him love Armuchee! Thanks, Mr. D!!!
  16. go Mr. D -- Dixie Manis
  17. is the best food joint in armuchee. still doing strong even when the big boys have moved in down the road.
  18. Great guy.His business has been around forever.
  19. i vote for mr d.
  20. Ray is totally deserving of HOF recognition.he was an avid supporter "back in the day" when i lived in there and was always feeding us as football players!! he gets my vote! MARK KELLEY,class of 1976