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Seth T. Collins

  1. I know Seth T. Collins very well. Ever since I was given the privalage to meet him I have found him to be one of the most honest, caring, and a person who is respected by everyone of his peers. He would be an excellent addition this fine group of Armuchee honories.
  2. I would just like to tell you a little about Seth T. Collins. He is a great individual, and is liked by everyone who knows him. His work at the University of Georgia is incredible. He truly would make the people proud back in Armuchee if they could see what a great job he does scholastically. He is well-deserving of recognition.
  3. Seth Collins embodies the spirit of an Armuchee Indian. He is a phenomenal individual, whose accomplishments include an excellent GPA at UGA, and a fine football career at Armuchee High.
  4. this is seth collins, I have no idea why i have so many votes, somebody did this , just messing with me, there is no reason why i should be even in this, there are much more important people, someone is just playing a joke on me. please just maybe take me off this list so they will stop.