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Sam Jones

  1. I vote for Sam Jones because he is a fabolous human... He learend and gave a lot to me when I was at Armuchee HIgh in 86. Also to Roar Olsen he meant a lot. I vote for him and hope with this Email you forward him also my greetings. A long time I am trying to find out his Email...please say hi to him from Switzerland.
    Thank you
    Daniela Tschumi
  2. Back in the 70's, Armuchee entered the big-time when it got its first tennis court (at the rec center). Everybody hung out there and played the sissy sport of tennis - Gary Hackney, Scott Taylor, Yancy Helton, Jeff Barnett, Kenny Hendrix, me, Gerald Smith, Tina and Teresa McClain, Charlene Ray, Marcia Cox, the dude who runs this web site, Greg Herring, chico, gables, and the whole hee-haw gang. Mr. Jones stepped up to the plate and formed the Armuchee Tennis Team, which lives to this day. I don't know if he still coaches it, but he started it. Thanks Mr. Jones!
  3. Aloha! Mr. Jones helped me through a lot of problems during high school. He was a great teacher, counselor, & Principal.........Thanks, Mr. Jones (I still put your name as a reference on job applications..teeheehee)! Lori Lynch Cooper