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Sheila Smith

  1. Sheila Smith is a not only a wonderful person but a wonderful teacher and contributor to the community. She has taught in Armuchee for several years and has touched many lives. She also coached varsity girls basketball and helped turn a losing team into a winning team. She is a wonderful role model to the children in our community.
  2. Mrs. Smith is a great (the best I've had) math teacher and a nice person to boot. She has my respect.
  3. I grew up and went to school with Sheila all 12 years of Armuchee. But I knew her (and believed it was for real) as Sheila Gail Birddog Eleam! I'm not sure about her being the best as a teacher but for sure she was the very best softball player during the 19??'s. Beckie Hawkins Lee
  4. Sheila Smith---a truly rare find. An amazing, gifted, and gracious person. A role model, a teacher, a coach, a friend. An example like no other. An inspiration, a foundation, a faithful and constant bottomless well of faith and hope to draw from when you've none of your own. A keeper of dreams when yours have been misplaced. An encouragement, an inspiration, an eye for finding talent in the most unlikely of places paired with a knack for drawing (at times pulling and wresting) it out, for fostering and developing it, and for presenting it confidently, supportively to the world. A patient, understanding, accomplished mathmatician with a kind sense of humor in all things and, thankfully, a gentle, at times probably amused, tolerance for the mathematically impaired... A wonderful and, I would imagine, increasingly appreciated mother. A face that instantly appears just behind every mental "I can't" or "I don't have what it takes" wearing a look that makes you think at least twice before you ever consider thinking something so asinine... An influence never to be forgotten, a million lessons taught, a million lives forever changed...one in particular. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Webmaster's Note: Wow, that was well said. I especially liked the "keeper of dreams" part.