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Tommy Welch

  1. did a great job
  2. Thanks, Tommy for the great years of football. Kinda wish I could've played for you.
  3. i think tommy welch should be in the hall of fame because he was the one who made armuchee football where it is. he made it become the strenght of the indian is in the tribe. -- lauren
  4. Coach Welch was the best thing Armuchee ever had, the football players that played for him were like his sons, there was no groups of friends on the team the team was one big group of brothers.....he is the man!
  5. Coach Welch saved a dying football program and turned Armuchee into a state powerhouse for 6 years. My only regret is that I only played for him for 1 season but it was a remarkable season in which he took us to state semifinals (which we were robbed of a victory and championship berth) and a 13-1 record in 1993. He definitely gathered the tribe…..Matt Fowler #14
  6. My vote is for Tommy Welch. He did so much for our community, and pushed his athletes to be the best they could be. Everyone respected him and looked up to him. He was like a father to everyone, and gave his players the courage and the strength to win. He is by far the best coach Armuchee has ever seen!
  7. I vote for Coach Welch because he put Armuchee football back on the map. Also, could you tell me where he is coaching now? I heard he is not at Thomasville anymore.
  8. best darn coach ever at armuchee. turned our program around and was an all around good guy. wish we could pry him away from thomasville for a few years to bring us back from the dead!!
  9. he was a great inspiration for alot of young people