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Mr. Stanley

  2. As a young boy I stole two packs of BB's from Stanley Service Station. Mr. Stanley took me aside and I had a very valuable lesson about life. Thanks Mr. Stanley!! Yancy Helton '77
  4. Thanks, Mr. Stanley, for setting up the "Watering Hole". I carry a cup in my car and stop by every time I'm out that way.
  5. I owe Mr. Stanley some money. As a kid in the early 70's, I stole about $20.00 worth of candy from his store. If this money is worth 4% per year, my tab is now at $67.46. I'm going to pay him back the next time I'm in town, I swear.

    Webmaster's note: Ok, any of the rest of you want to 'fess up? Teresa? Sharon?

  6. A vote for Mr. Stanley. I feel he has given a lot to this community over the years.
  7. Mr.Stanley has my vote he's one of the best guys in armuchee.He has been workin at the dump all my life im 12 i can remember when i was just 3 he would play with me every time my dad had to take the trash out.I hope you get to the top with my uncle richy that would be the perfect thing to have both of Armuchees favirot people.
  8. Mr. Stanley is a great guy. I've known him since i was born and he has always been a wonderful person.If anyone deserves to be in the hall of fame its him.
  9. Armuchee booster for many years… Thanks, Danny Stanley
  10. He is Armuchee.