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Rev. Willard MacAllaster

  1. A true man of God and friend.
  2. I think that Bro.Willard should be in Armuchee's Hall of Fame because he was always there for everyone! He cared about and loved everyone that he was able to talk to! When ever they needed him, it didn't matter if they went to the church that he pastored at or not! When he was needed he came! Although Bro.Willard is not with us now i think that he much deserves this honor!

    Bro. Willard was the one who Baptized me. When I came down to him that day after the sermon was over he said alot of things to me. He made alot of promises, and he kept every one of them! When ever I had something on my mind he was always there to talk to. When he past away I was a very angery child! But then I look at the Bible that I was given when I was Baptized and saw his signature and I knew everything was going to be ok. That he would always be there in my heart and everyone elses that he touched. That all his promises would me kept even though he is not here on earth as a person.

    Although I am just 12 years old and most people would say that a 12 year old child has no idea what they are talking about in a matter like this. But I do! I know what I'm talking about! What I don't know is if you have to be an age to vote on something like this but I thought that i might try!

    God Bless All!

  3. Always thought of others and was my spiritual leader since I was 4 years old. Spent his life serving Christ and was an example to others as he died of cancer.
  4. no better person ever to live in Armuchee
  5. I vote for Willard MacAllastar as well. He was one terrific man of God. He lived across the street and then later in his life next door to my Grandmother Elsie Turner Holt and my Great Aunt Ellen Turner Salmon. I spent a lot of Sundays in Church listening to him preach when I was a little girl.

    On another note, what a terrific website! I spent about every Summer with my Grandmother and Great Aunt in Armuchee as a kid growing up, and have some very fond memories of the place. Was feeling a little nostalgic, did a search, and found your website! Thanks for the trip down memory lane. -- J.E.B., Acworth, GA