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Armuchee, Kartah and Dirtseller were three names handed down by the Indians in 1832.

To the north of Armuchee at Echols Mill, Armuchee Baptist Church was established in 1838. It later moved to Texas Valley where it is today.

The next church, Mount Prospect Church, was founded in 1845, also in Texas Valley.

Antioch Baptist Church was founded in 1867.

There were no churches in the township of Armuchee in the late 1800's. Before 1895, the only place residents could attend church in Armuchee was Farmer's Bridge Academy.

There were seven (7) churches founded in Texas Valley between the 1870's & 1880's. Among them were:

Glendale Methodist Church for Blacks, Texas Valley, 1879 and Lavender Creek Baptist Church, Little Texas Valley, 1884.

Lavender Creek Baptist Church built their own church in 1887 on land donated by Lewis A. Helms (Land Lot 240).

Central Methodist Church was built in Texas Valley in 1886 on Land Lot 229 sold to the church by David M. Dunwoody.

Hwy 27 South of Armuchee: Shiloh Baptist Church & Academy was founded before 1895.

Just south of Shiloh Baptist Church was Pleasant Valley Church.

The first churches to begin in the Town of Armuchee: Midway Primitive Baptist Church on August 14, 1897. Elder L.C.D. Payne, Elder M.A. Wimper, Elder J.W. Stanford met with five men and six women to organize the church.

After a thorough examination by the Presbytery, the members composed of the following:

E.T. Caldwell (Herman Yarbrough's great-grandfather)

J.P. Searcy

E.P. Floyd

J.W. Ellis

R.K. Yarbrough (Herman Yarbrough's grandfather)

S.S. Caldwell

M.A. Searcy

Addie Isham

R.M. Pinson

S.M. Pinson

Francis Ellis

The Primitive Baptist church was built on Little Texas Valley Road, then called Mill Street, next to Mrs. Wilma Salmon's house.

Seaborn Wright donated the land for this church. Across the road, he also gave one-acre plots to the Methodist & Baptist Churches. Seaborn Wright, orator and prohibitionist leader, once ran for Governor and was mentioned for President on the dry ticket.

In the spring of 1900, a group of dedicated Christians met to organize the Shiloh Methodist Church and then changed it's name to Armuchee Methodist Church. The founders of Armuchee Methodist Church were:

J.W. Ross, J.H. Harris, J.F. McKenzie, Joel Stover and Seaborn Wright

On October 31st of 1900, another group of dedicated Christians met to organize a Baptist Church in Armuchee. The First Baptist Church of Armuchee, as it was originally known, changed its name to New Armuchee Baptist Church in 1903.

The church was completed in the fall of 1901. The pastor was paid with free-will offerings -- many times with farm products. (First salary paid in 1907 -- $100 a year)

The first men to act as Presbytery were Rev. R.B. Headden, W.M. McKenzie, J.G. Denton and B.F. Salmon. The first pastor called was C.L. Conn.

The first 30 members of The First Baptist Church of Armuchee came from churches such as Pleasant Valley North, Floyd Springs Armuchee and Lavender Creek Church (started in 1884). The original members were:

R.G. Stevens, Ernest Beard, W.C. Hammond, R.W. McKenzie, C.H. Weeks, G.W. Cowart, J.W. Weeks, Effie Hammond, E.L. Peek, Martha Stevens, Homer Weeks, Elizabeth A. Steadmand, J.M. Beard, Cynthia Thomas, W.L. Thomas, Jimmie Tolbert, Emma Steadman, Roland Thomas, Roy Thomas, M.A. Weeks, Julian C. Thomas, Mary Weeks, Minnie Weeks, Sally Peek, Essie Peek, Ula Davis, Loretta Flemester, S.M. Beard, Mamie Weeks, W.J. Cowart

During the first fifty (50) years of New Armuchee Baptist Church, there were eighteen (18) pastors. During the last forty-seven (47) years, there have been only two (2) pastors.

Rev. E. Stanley Morris was called to New Armuchee Baptist Church in May of 1950. He was the first full-time pastor.

The Pulpit Committee consisted of J.M. Keasler, Griffin Beard, Talmadge Davis, George Weaver, and Lee Johnson.

Rev. Stanley Morris passed away Feb. 24, 1972. A new Pulpit Committee was elected and consisted of Walter Callahan, George Weaver, Willie Nelson, Bruce Horn, and Miss Elsie Scoggins.

On June 7, 1972, the church voted unanimously to elect Rev. Willard MacAllaster as the pastor.

He preached his first service July 30, 1972. On July 27, 1997 he had been with us for 25 years.

New Armuchee Baptist Church started out with 30 members. As of July 1997, there were 1,024 members.



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